e3 Academy's Josh Bennet tops Landeslehrer exam!

Former e3 Academy graduate and now Rookie trainer Josh Bennet topped the Landeslehrer course on Kitzsteinhorn. We caught up with Josh and asked him to give us the low-down on what the exam was like and how he prepared for it...

e3: So Josh, how does it feel, Course Best and now Rookie Trainer?

Josh: Honestly, it feels great. I'm still kind of getting used to it.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 14.14.15.png

e3: How was the actually exam day and what did you get tested on?

Josh: Good, I mean as good as exam day can be. I'd trained really hard so I felt confident in my ability. There we two parts to the on-snow exam, demonstration skiing where we show that we can ski with the correct technique for our guests, and freeskiing where you get to show the examiners what you can really do.

e3: At what's you favourite?

Josh: Easy..... Freeskiing. I love the power and and jumping off things [big smile!]

e3: What's the next step?

Josh: Enjoy the summer and then power on to the next level. It's called the Staatlicher exam and its intense. It's recognised as one of the hardest ski exams in the world.

e3: Well we wish you all the best with the upcoming training and hope to see you on the slopes!

Josh: Definitely...... See you out there!