what's german for hello?…

This is an important part of your education with e3 Ski Academy. We work in partnership with a professional German teaching organisation which means you get the best possible learning experience.

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They travel to us two or three times a week and provide structured group lessons to work on your German skills. We work closely with this company to ensure that the things you learn are exactly what you need in the exam and throughout the season. The course is tailor-made to your needs, the quality is second to none.

Learning a second language is a real life skill, it is something which will always be useful and relevant whatever you do in life. 

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Once you have booked your place you will receive pre-course German language learning materials to get you started. This should be completed in your own time before the course starts. No previous German skills are required, however it would be an advantage as you will be training and working in a German speaking country.