You will be training towards the Anwärter exam. In Austria there are 3 levels of instructing qualification

  • Anwärter (teaching licence)

  • Landeslehrer (regional status)

  • Staatlich (chartered status)

The Anwärter allows you to teach children and adults up to intermediate level. You will be tested on demonstration skiing (technique), free skiing (sporty skiing), teaching and a ski theory. 

The process is externally examined by either the Tyrolean (TSLV) or Viennese (WSSV) Ski Instructor Associations who award the qualification. We have been working together with the TSLV and WSSV for 5 years and have tailored our courses so that they compliment their examination processes.

All skiing nations have their own examination system, although not all are equally recognised. The benefit of the Austrian skiing system is that it is internationally recognised and respected throughout the world. The Anwärter is equivalent to the level 2 qualification in the Canada (CSIA), Britain (BASI) and Australia (APSI).

What's the guaranteed job?

e3 Ski Academy is part of the e3 Family. This means that we have our own ski school in Kitzbühel where you will be offered a job as a full-time ski instructor for the upcoming winter. The job comes with accommodation provided by the ski school for the duration of winter season whilst you are employed.


During the course you will live in Hintertux which is nice and close to the glacier for training. After the course you will move to Kitzbühel where element3 ski school is located. The ski school rent apartments in the village that are used for ski school staff. The town of Kitzbühel has everything you might need, supermarkets, gyms, apré bars, cinema, great restaurants and even a ice hockey stadium and climbing wall.

Do I need to speak fluent german?

No. Fluent German is not required. Most people start the course with zero experience of speaking German. However, our professional language teachers will help you understand the basics. They use real life scenarios so you coaches can help you put them into practice on the snow. When it comes to the exam you will be expected introduce yourself in German and explain very basic commands. For example "Hi, I am Sarah, I will be your instructor today".

How good do I have to be at skiing?

Some experience is necessary. Being able to ski parallel on blue and red runs is what we recommend. From this base the learning process is rapid and by the end of the course you'll be carving tracks in the snow!

Do I need insurance on the course?

Yes. It is a requirement of the course that you are insured for the whole duration of the program. When buying insurance you will need ‘winter sports cover’ which is specifically designed for skier and boarders.

What if I don’t pass the Anwärter exam?

We are happy to say that we have a 100% skiing pass rate and a 98% theory pass rate. In the unlikely event that you experience exam difficulties, we will be there for you.

One of the benefits of our program is that you will be working at our ski school. This means that we will still welcome you into our team, provide you with the extra coaching required and help you with the exam re-take (2 weeks later). If we didn’t own a ski school we couldn’t offer this extra support, that’s just one of the things that makes the e3 Family so special.

How much spending money will I need during the course?

There is no exact answer to this question because everyone has different tastes and needs. Some will prefer stake to pasta, others will be vegetarian or may have dietary requirements.

You will need enough money for a basic weekly shop (breakfast and dinner). Traditionally, the participates have always cooked together in the evenings because it is a nice way of spending time together and is also cheaper. Lunch is always eaten on the mountain (purchased or made at home). The cost of lunch in the restaurants ranges from approx. €6 for a soup or salad and approx. €12 for a cooked meal.

Additional monies will be required for social spending. In the past the participants have had cinema nights, gone ice skating or gone out for pizza and drinks. Finally, the cost of any new equipment must be considered (i.e. skis, boots, poles).

What if I need new equipment? CAn I buy it in Austria?

Over time we have developed an excellent relationship with Insider Sports in Hintertux. Their shop is recognised as one of the best in Austria. They are always on hand to help e3 Ski Academy participants, offering us a ‘try before you buy’ policy and a e3 course discount.

Buying your equipment in the resort makes practical sense. This is because adjustments to boots or skis can be make quickly and for free. Trust us when we say you’ll want your boots fitting perfectly!

e3 Ski Academy do not receive any financial benefit from recommending Insider Sports. We recommend them because they are just great people (https://insider-sportshop.com/shop/en/).